Anon wrote:

"but the universe is too well organized and structured to be an accident or a random occurrence."

To which I can only reply - no it isn't.

To which I will reply. Of course it is.... whistle
God is neither Good nor Bad, God is. As such, We being made in the image of God, are the image of isness and that image is a reflection that some see good, some see separateness, and some see perfection.
I like this point, Anon.
This is why I prefer to use an acronym: GØD, GOD--all that is good, orderly and well designed.

Isn't that special for you. I do this I do that, it all has some special meaning for you and you would like it to be just as special to others so that you can feel good about yourself.
God is a word and everyone attaches their specialness to the word and as a result worship themselves and their special iconic relationship to God rather than actually letting go of the specialness that keeps them bound to their individuality.

What would really be amazing is if you could find the same "experience,"in every spelling of God, rather than the one you worship. You might actually get closer to God in all forms. Your fascination for symbolism, hoping that it might reflect your unique intelligence and individuality actually reveals your ignorance of something that goes far beyond individual specialness and the acronyms that are created to polish the ego.