Speaking of arguments..
I thought this was pretty cool.
Except for the ending where they throw this at you..

Perhaps you were a die-hard atheist, or a strong skeptic. But now you believe
that God does really exist. And you may now be willing to believe that everything God
says in His word, the Bible, has come true just as He said, and will come true just as He
prophesied. Jesus died for the sins of all mankind. The only thing you have to do is
recognize that you are one of the sinners who needs to be saved from sins. And you need
to ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins, to come into your life, and to give you eternal
salvation just as He promised. It’s as simple as that. If you are ready to accept this in
your heart, you can say this simple prayer to God:
Dear Father in heaven, I realize that I am a sinner and worthy of the fires of hell. At this
moment I confess my sins and ask You to forgive me for my rebellion against You and my
refusal to accept the love of Christ. I accept the sacrifice that Your Son Jesus made for
me on Calvary’s cross. I believe that You raised Him from the dead. I confess with my
mouth that Jesus is my Lord. Thank You for hearing this prayer and accepting me into
the family of God because for the blood of Christ that covers my sins. And I know that
from this moment on I am saved. Thank You, Lord.

Personally I don't subscribe to the idea that one accept sin as being so simple, and then being automatically absolved by simply saying your guilty and asking for forgiveness.
This would be something similar to having worked all your life as a plumber and then having someone come along to say, "you're better suited to raise chickens." And as a result you respond by saying "Yes your right," and automatically you are a chicken farmer.
Simply saying you believe and asking for forgiveness does not automatically connect you to the experience of God. It may connect you to a network of believers who say things and believe things but their individual experiences will only be united in commonality of interest rather than commonality of life purpose and the experience of God being in everything, including every thought feeling and action.

People in general have allowed the outside authority to take away their intuitive intelligence, which in itself has had no nurturing in any public school and rarely in any family.

Rather than learning about ourselves from others who have mastered themselves, we surrender all definitions to scientific diatribe which is based not on totality but on relative percentages in speculation and theory.

Trust has developed into mass hypnosis or the support of majorities rather than cognition. Facts and figures that will change, become the template for beliefs.
Spirituality was really meant to lead to greater intelligence rather than a herd mentality.

Obviously winning an argument doesn't mean you are intelligent.