Rev- Recently we heard of the death of a much read, discussed and even loved Australian journalist, Pamela Bone. She was an avowed atheist, a fierce feminist and a brilliant writer. She stirred up lots of controversy every time she put pen to paper! Everyone knew she was dying of cancer, indeed she wrote a book about it titled (with her usual wit) 'Bad Hair Days'. After she died there was still discussion and perhaps controversy as she had chosen to be buried with Christian rites. Because she knew people would wonder why, she wrote an article in the form of a letter to explain. In it she wrote that she loved the sacred music, the words and the ritual and it would also give special comfort to some of her friends and relatives who were believers. In her letter she stated she absolutely still did not believe in any god or the idea of an afterlife-- but she felt that there is such a thing as 'Cultural Christianity' where the form can be observed without the belief, where the message can be recognised without having to commit and where the liturgical rituals and traditional music can be appreciated by anyone. I think that this is similar what many people are describing here on this site.

So Rev do you think 'Cultural Christianity' is possible?