It has been said that no good can come from war, but I argue that lots of good can come from it because throughout the ages there have only been four ways for the planet to control an overpopulation of humans, and those have been Famine, Pestilence, Natural Disaster, and War. Of the four, war has been the only method of over population control where man has any control over the numbers of people lost, and I think that could be considered good, but if it isnít good enough then perhaps through mankindís desire to better kill itself it may find a fifth way of controlling overpopulation and that would be through Space Exploration/Settlement. After only a few more large scale wars where new weapons will be designed and better platforms will be developed to deliver them, then maybe mankind will find the means to infest new planets inside our Solar System and maybe beyond.

P.S. I would like to mention that what I wrote above is not exactly correct because mankind has had a fifth way of controlling overpopulation and that was through Eugenics, but that subject is a topic for another discussion I think.