SUMMARY OF THE BOOK: Whether we realize it or not each of us is involved in--through the use of our feelings, (the language of the soul --having an on-going state of communication with God. In addition to our feelings, God also communicates with us through our thoughts and experiences

Atheists take note: You may call it what you will, but the author states that God is the essential self (the Spirit GOD) in each and all of us. Is there any denying the "essential self"?

God communicates and says, mine is always your Highest thoughts, your Clearest Words, your Grandest Feelings. Anything less is from another source. Listen for communications filled with feelings of joy, truth and love.

Is it okay to ask God to send you joy, truth and love. The best attitude is one of gratitude, of appreciation, not supplication, or begging. Never beg or supplicate. Appreciate. Stop resisting, get your ego out of the way and the things of joy, truth and love will come.

In the beginning, we human beings were the first and only things created by God. All else--that is, all others things--is the creation of our egos, which are dominated by the feeling of fear.
Keep in mind that every human action is based on either love or fear--all other ideas are but derivatives of these two.


Love expands, reveals, shares, heals and attracts the things loved. It is willing the best, under all circumstances. It is our experience of God. By the way, God is not a human-like being with a gender, but the ultimate reality, the all.

It is our soul purpose to remember that we can be loving. We are here to know this, experience this and to be loving. Being itself then becomes bliss.

Fear contracts, runs, hides, hoards, harms and attracts the things feared. It is the main cause of pain and suffering, including disease, all those dreadful wars and why the world is in the shape it is in.

Keep in mind: we have the power to choose loving, or fearing. (to page 33)

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