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Deiscovery- It is impossible to prove a negative---as Spock would say-- it is illogical.
I agree, Ellis.

In my opinion, trying to prove a negative is also counter productive, uncreative and a waste of time. Spending one's valuable time trying--like Hitchens and Dawkins--to, arrogantly, prove others wrong is certainly not the loving thing to do.

This is why I prefer to dialogue with, rather than debate, others. Debating others just to prove how wrong they are is the devil's game--if there is a (d)evil. It is a zero-sum game, one in which there are too many losers.

the root of much evil, including terrorism.
I repeat something I have said beofre: Speaking of (d)evil (Interestingly, "devil" literally means that which splits us, from ourselves and others): We are all quite good at allowing false pride--the root of much evil--take over our thoughts and lives. Evil-based thoughts lead to cruel words and violent actions, family violence, crime, war, and you name it. False pride, or arrogance, provides is the very best kind of spiritual soil--in the negative sense of the word--in which evil can grow.

Therefore, IN THE SPIRIT OF DIALOGUE, I am into affirming the productive and positive things of life. I want to offer readers what I think, feel and know and will help make the world a better place. I want to learn from agnostics and atheists, not judge or condemn them.

For details on what I believe about GOD, my theology, check out the details of this thread.--now well over 110,000 clicks, which was started by Turner, my son.

BTW, both my children are, like my wife and I, unitheists/panentheists. Turner is married to a Muslim, and has three children. He is 49.

Catherine (married to an artist, with two grown children) is 52.
Both my children are well-educated artists and teachers-- Do a search--Wiki/Google--on unitheism/panentheism, and you will discover what we mean by GOD.

The part of GOD that we know, like the air (pneuma) we breathe, is self evident. Jesus told the Samaritan woman: GOD is Pneuma. We get our word 'Spirit' from the Latin translation. It is self evident--no double-blind study necessary--that one cannot live without taking the next breath.

Using philosophy, the sciences plus technology, the King family explores Nature/GOD; using the arts we apply what we discover to get useful, beautiful and good things done.

BTW, starting from nothing in 1991, my daughter and her artist husband--both GOD-connected people--have built a floating property, including floating gardens (where they grow most of their food), which covers more than a quarter of an acre. They got over half the materials using the the tradeBUX system
The property is now worth well over one million dollars. All the media have given this project excellent coverage.

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