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...If the 2nd law of thermodynamics were actually violated, it would no longer be a law of science. Can you give an example of a law of science that was violated and remained a law?

Obviously we are not communicating, which is so important.

If I jump off a 100 foot building--no matter how much I pray and hope--I will not float to the ground. I am subject to the law of gravity. It will break me, if I break it. Knowing the law of gravity and paying attention to it keeps me safe.

Are we communicating, yet?

BTW, I believe the same is true for moral laws. If I kill someone, I believe that I will pay for it, in one way or another, even if I am not caught by "the law", so called, of the land. Not all laws of the land are truly moral ones, IMO. Twisting the law and getting criminals "free" and some innocent convicted is what gives many lawyers bad reputations.

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