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God is the sum of all goldfish. Everyone acknowledges that goldfish exist. Therefore god exists.

So, now we know what atheists believe.
Here's something that may be unfathomable to you: I do not care whether you accept atheism.
We also know that they do not care.
But then, they do care
However, I do care when people misrepresent science or conflate scientific ideas with the counterfeits from philosophy/religion.

Confusing, eh?
as you demonstrate by saying
I've heard of "self-evidence proof," of God, but I've never actually seen any, except insofar as God as defined as something intended to confuse.

Atheists do not claim that individuals came from nothing.
Okay. Then where did we come from?
While caricatures of atheism may require faith, the actual article does not.
Okay, now prove that existence does not exist.
You actually believe that your "philosophy" enables you to be truly loving, the implication being that atheists are incapable of same. Too bad it doesn't enable humility.
You admit to being loving, good on you! I will admit that I need to be more humble.

BTW, when you write:
If Ralph the cabbage god exists, we'll all have great fun as well. Unlimited beer and pretzels, all women have IQ's of 180 and perfectly sized and toned mammalian protruberances. Guys have IQs of 150 and enormous reproductive appendages. Of course that has no relevance to science. But then again ...
Are you Taliban-like? You do seem to have a sense of humour.

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