Since we got Rev's biography here is my 'moment' of recognition. I was extremely ill after my first child was born and she and I were both for a while close to death. Luckily because I live in a first world country I recovered, as did she, unharmed. It was after I recovered that I realised that at no time had I called on God to save her or me, I did not pray, I did not promise I'd be really good for the rest of my life if God would spare me. I did none of the things that are traditionally how people are supposed to react to significant danger of death. When I tried too work out why, I realised that I had thought it would be a waste of time because I did not believe in God and I had to acknowledge I was indeed an atheist! I have heard Christians declare that in danger everyone calls on God,.. I didn't.

It was this experience that coloured my view about the belief in God adding meaning to life--maybe it does, and that's good. I do not feel superior, I just get the meaning of my life from the fact of life itself. And Rede, not a spectacular life just a very ordinary 'being alive', it's a great feeling.