That's very good, Rev.

You seem to have overlooked two earlier questions. If you prefer to pass on them, that's fine smile

"I see process-theologians as unitheists/panentheists. I think of thinkers like Edison, Tesla, Einstein, Alfred North Whitehead, Anthony Flew and scores of other scientists. I am sure there is a vast number of professional and lay theologians who think along such lines."

Re: (1) - You have listed people of noteworthy reasoning power. Are you making the point that this is a significant fact?

Re: (2) - In what way does it influence you?

I think you've answered the third:

Re: (3) - When you say that you prefer unitheism/panentheism to non-theism, are you saying that this represents your personal insight and understanding, or are you saying that appears, to you, a more reasonable view?

"I believe in sticking with what works for me. When it fails to work, I will look elsewhere."

- So, what you are saying is that unitheism/panentheism are hypotheses that work for you. That's very scientific smile
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