Hello, again, all. My wife and I got back, last evening, from visiting the Fredericton and Woodstock area of New Brunswick, north east of Ontario. The Alumni meeting with old friends at http://www.mta.ca made for a very happy weekend.

The area is about 1300 kilometers from Toronto. From Toronto, this takes us about 13 hours of driving, at 100 Km's (about 70 mph)--mostly four-laned highway. We stayed, going and coming, at Trois Rivieres (Three Rivers, Quebec), which is half way. The weather was an excellent. It was just the right amount of warm rain--the whole 12 days.
I see that there has been a lot of quite interesting posts over the last 12 days. Good reading, too.

TerryNZ comments: "And I think many times in this not-quite-science forum we suffer from this. No-one has adequately defined what they mean by God."

TBZ, have you read the way I sign some of my posts?

As has been pointed out, it is not easy for some of us to define "God": How can we humans, using what I feel are very limited human senses, define that which is ineffable--too great to be expressed in words? This is why I always ask atheists: "Tell me, what comes to your mind when you hear theists--and there is more than one kind--speak of God--and I will tell you whether I believe it or not?

I supsect that most atheists make the mistake of thinking that theists are all idolaters--that is, those who think of God as an objective being, out there.

Obviously primitive polytheists--and many are still with us in the modern world--think of the gods as objective beings who can control the lives of us mere human beings. Polythiests worship objective forms we call idols, as if they are gods. Unsophisticated ancient Greeks believed that such super human-like gods actually lived on Mount Olympus.

Let me simplify things by telling you what I do NOT believe: As I have said, often, I do NOT believe in a god who is an objective person or being who exists in any three-dimensional sense of the word. This is why I use the special symbol found in my signature. Take a look.

Physically speaking, I sense GOD in all of nature, in at least five ways: To my sight GOD is light, in all its forms; to my hearing GOD is sound, and to my touch, GOD is all that I feel. In addition, I taste GOD and smell the GOD in all that I call nature. Who would say that this is impossible?

Later, I will add how I experience GOD in my intellect and spirit, as part of the mix.

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