Tim wrote:

"Let's be rational here, do you actually believe that?"

Yes, I do. Of course the alliance has been used to mobilise support for an imperialistic war but that doesn't alter the way things are perceived through most of the world. "Money doesn't talk, it swears" as a famous Jew once said.

Tim also wrote:

"this is in fact a science forum"

No it's not. It's a not-quite-science forum.

Redewenur wrote:

"Right now, the current major bout of insanity is between the Muslim fundamentalist zealots and the infidels."

Aren't you forgetting the insanity that allows extremists of one religion to believe their God gave them a piece of land and the previous inhabitants can just go somewhere else? Mind you the same thing happened previously in America, Australia and to some extent in New Zealand.

Tim wrote:

"Wouldn't that support that they don't worship the same God?"

Now, if God is everything how is it possible for anyone to worship a different God?

You also wrote:

"Perhaps a gradual progress is better than a swift modification would work better".

I agree 100% with that comment.

Lastly I look forward to your answer to Redewenur's question:

"If God is not everything, then what kinds of thing are not God?"