Regarding redewenur's first question:
"I believe that those three religions are supposed to be about the "one true God", the "God of Love" etc, and I also believe that their professed adherents have hardly ever stopped murdering each other in the name of their God."
Wouldn't that support that they don't worship the same God? Yes, it is their gods, but obviously not the same. Man naturally is in conflict with his brother; this is the result of millions of years of passing down the dominant traits (survival of the fittest). This in turn creates different points of view, so to speak, for different areas, as well as fighting. Now to say that Jews, Muslims, and Christians worship the same God would be irrational for an evolutionist to say, for that would go against evolutionary teachings. DA Morgan once said something about our conditioning in our local area a while back.

"Terry: "But if God is everything how can anyone be accused of not worshipping it?"

Tim: Again, this is in fact a science forum, not some pointing-fingers forum upon the cons of religion."

At its base it is not finger pointing, but its implinations are. Perhpas Muslims and Jews as well as Christians worship different gods, but God is All.

"Science thrives through its theories being subjected to experiment, review, criticism, modification and so on. Do you believe that religion should be exempt from such review and criticism?"
Of course not. Personally, I think all religions (Christianity including) should be critizised and "changed". Yet if that is done publicly, then i am taking away their rights and conditioned practises, therefore taking away their god. It is a fine line. For man does not like upheavel. History shows us that. For example; the French revolution, where the whole culture was up-turned. He bourg and sans-couluttes (sp?) and peasants revolted and took down the aristcrats, and to fill the void the Committe for Public Safety (a misnomer, to say the least) filled the void, headed by Napoleon. Within a generation, everything had been lost, and France was in ruins, only to have a handful more republics in the next century.
Perhaps a gradual progress is better than a swift modification would work better, as is happening already.

"So the God of each of these religions is, if not the same, at least closely connected."
No, not really. Hence the centuries of "fighting".