Some interesting points above.

Terry: "There seemed to be no argument as to whether Jews and Christians worshipped the same God but those two religions seem to have now united against their common enemy."

Tim: "Let's be rational here, do you actually believe that?... ...nothing based on credible evidence"

- I believe that those three religions are supposed to be about the "one true God", the "God of Love" etc, and I also believe that their professed adherents have hardly ever stopped murdering each other in the name of their God. Right now, the current major bout of insanity is between the Muslim fundamentalist zealots and the infidels. Sure, we all know that the killers are a small minority, but they have a great deal of implicit support. On one side there are the Muslim suicide bombers, butcher/kidnappers and multifarious militia. On the other side there are (mostly) the "clean", "just", "Gods on our side" Christian USA and UK committing legalised genocide and leaving hundreds of thousands to a lifetime of maimed misery. As for the Jews, one need not question their alignment.

Tim, do you disbelieve that, or do you think it's irrational? Do you believe that it's not based on credible evidence?

Terry: "But if God is everything how can anyone be accused of not worshipping it?"

Tim: Again, this is in fact a science forum, not some pointing-fingers forum upon the cons of religion.

- Tim, please elaborate on your view that the sentence above is finger-pointing. It's a logical question; scientifically speaking, either God is everything or God is not everything. After all, you seem to agree that if God is everything, then music must be God. If God is not everything, then what kinds of thing are not God?

Science thrives through its theories being subjected to experiment, review, criticism, modification and so on. Do you believe that religion should be exempt from such review and criticism?
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