Check out the work of David Sloan Wilson: Though he is an atheist he does see the value of and role for religion.

IMO, David Sloan Wilson is a panentheist/unitheist. His "atheism", I believe is because of the premise of theism. Most theists, but not all, speak of God as if he is a personal and male being, who wills, acts, senses, sees, hears and rules all nature as if He were a loving heavenly Father. They think of nature as just a collection of material things. Wilson rejects this.

As a unitheist, so do I.

For the sake of new readers I need to summarize: As a unitheist I think of GØD being itself to which only the verb "to be" applies.
GØD simply IS: that which is in and through all that is, all nature--physically, menatlly and spiritually. Nature, IMO, is more than a collection of bits and pieces.

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