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""" Time travel my ass. """

I like the way you ( have a steady opinion ) on time travel.

it equates to logic and the here and now.

what we can see and cannot see and thus have not seen however remains open and not contestable.

light that exist outside of our visible range and outside of our methods of detecting these unknown light ranges or waveforms cannot be canceled out simply because we cannot see or detect them.

we set the limits of light.
but can we set the limits of what we dont even know exist.

And know way to verify conjecture. But these things are put forth all the time. They are call sci-fi novels.

the laser --> cessium experiment told me that time travel is possible , for light.

Not familiar with that.

Does it have anything to do with moving and stacking heavy blocks?

it also told me that there are lightforms that we cannot detect.

I remember my first dubie.

before the ((( known light ))) entered the cessium it had already exited.
((( the known light )))

repeat this a few times and what would happen?

but what if I decide not to push the button to make the light in the first place?

i missed sumpin somewhere.

obviously light travels backwards in time also.

I bet I know where you are going with this.

A thing I do at times replying to stuff is not read the whole post, answer as I go and see where it ends up. Sometimes it turns out humorous.

what I think happened is that the laser ( jumped ) a certain distance beyond the container of cessium.

Dude, "Dune" is just a book. Lay off the spice.
this planet is rotating around the sun at 66,000 mph

I love stuff like that. Speaking of Monkeys, can anyone tell me the speed of gravity. On my home site they were going on about this and I shut the thread down with that question after they pretended to klnow and ended up exposing themselves as hacks. (It's a hobby of mine).

this solar system is rotating around our galaxy and our galaxy is flying out into the vastness of this universe.

What? No speeds?
we may very well be traveling beyond the speed of light at this time.


we just cant tell it.

Simple logic, I'm still with you.
if you do jump a camera into the future to see whats going to happen you better hide it very well because like marchimedies says all sorts of unwanted changes could occur by changing one single event.

caution: waveforms can vibrate objects to the point that the molecular structure becomes weak and even transparent.

a moving vibrating object can slow down and blend in with surrounding vibrating objects.
for instance if an aircraft pilot is vibrated along with the aircraft , the pilot would first become transparent and slow down
he would begin to pass through the aircraft until the aircraft became transparent and slowed down.

at this point he may be a part of the aircraft or behind the aircraft and his clothing .

when the vibration is slowing a reversal occurs.
which may return him to his exact position.
maybe not.

And yep, you were going to where I thought.

I think you are cofusing time travel with observing light.

For instance, if we got in my Starship http://nocapsspaces.3.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=4&view=findpost&p=60 and went faster than light with a perfect telescope trained back at Earth you would be watching history go backwards, or rather at, say, a light year from Earth you stop and peek, the photons that then hit you left the Earth a year ago you are seeing what happened last year and go far and fast enough and have a real swell telescope and you could pass the light, the edge of the first light of the big bang and watch it all happen, now, if you take my expanding ball of mass from the big bang, get our superscope and find the exact opposite point on our ball, do the doppler shift measurement thing, divide it in half and you'd know how fast we are travelling though space cause you'd have a reference point and then could extrapolate the speed of our galaxy, solar sytem, Earth and all that right down to the bicycle you are riding to go buy another sack of kyrpy, man.

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?