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- what do you think of the hypothesis of Ernst Mach, as interpreted by Einstein, who called it Mach's Principle, with reference to his Special Theory of Relativity? Does it fit in with your theory of rotation?

My apologies, Marchimedes, Paul said that, not you. So, I'll ask him him if and when he reappears.

I dont know !

never was very interested in einstein , its mostly theories
from what I have read ( watched on tv ) about him.

Im more of a practice type of person than a theory type.

arent a lot of his theories being found to be not correct?

I guess I lost interest when he started with time travel.

I do agree that light can travel forward and backward in time
and that light can be used to send construction data to a device that could reassemble matter in the future or the past.

but time itself cannot be manipulated because it has no physical properties.

a camera could be recording the future and sending that data to the past.

a great early warning system , huh !!!

we have to construct it now so that those who are reading this in the future can know where we want the camera to be placed and at which frequency they should use and where to point the data that is sent to the bounce device that bounces the data back to the earth , its that simple.

radio waves and tv signals from the 40's are just now reaching deep into space.

these signals could be returned via light.

get it?

President Bush got it when he saw the plane strike the twin tower at that school in florida before it was televised.

how else could he have seen it?

Einstien was a hack. Common sense folks. Time travel my ass. The paradox alone eliminates the posibility unless you allow for multiple timelines and then, ah [censored], sorry, very busy with multiple stuff.

The gravity of all the microverses surounding us are what's causing the expansion acceleration of our "visible universe" and the randomness of stuff flying hither and yon creates parts of space where this microverse or that microverse influence this or that area more or less accounting for the so-called "foam" structure.

Now I gotta put that into simple drawings.

No magic, no "dark matter" just gravity and matter flying around just the big band say it should.

how can I be the first to come up with this.

oh, I'm very bright.

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?