BTW, my wife and I just got back from Treasure Island, near St. Petersburgh, Florida. It was a wonderful winter break of two weeks and more.

Checking in at SAGG I was pleased to read the following:
This thread has morphed from a troll post with zero intellectual content into one of the most mentally stimulating we have had here at SAGG in a very long time. Congratulations all.... Well done.
Good point, DA.

It is always pleasing to see how well people with differing points of view can communictate with one another when we are spiritually mature enough to respond to others, with whom we may differ, with respect.

A wise person--I think it was Winston Churchill-- once said in a debate: "I disagree, strongly, with what my worthy opponent just said. However, I am prepared to fight and to die for his right to say it." smile
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