I would like to discuss the possibility that the Universe is an atemporal one and any proof against the idea...

Would it be correct to say that the entire Universe and it's constituent can be described without a time dimension. The universe would be the sum of all the mass and energy particle it includes in a dynamic arrangement. The rearrangement of these particles would be motion and not actual time.

Time is a measurement of motion relative to some other motion. Isn't time just a creation of the mind, a classification system in our memory to store events where every action precedes it's reaction and expectation of future events.

If the nothing (matter/energy) ever gets created or destroyed is true, then everything is eternal. Everything that was, still is and ever will be. Things just get rearranged not creating a new reality but just a rearangement of the same reality. Whatever we observe is always happening now. We see light that has been shun ages ago from distant stars but we experience it now (unaccounting for brain processing delays and such).

If we were to create a watch that always diplays the word 'NOW' wouldn't that be considered more or a less Universal time?
What was, still is, and always will be such is the truth of the eternal now.