In case it's not obvious, while Tesla was undoubtedly brilliant:

Not every statement or belief of brilliant people is brilliant.

There is no evidence to suggest anything supernatural in Tesla's genius. His intellectual process sounds similar to the claims I've heard of Mozart and Beethoven. Tesla's existence is not evidence of parapsychology. Tesla's abilities are not evidence of parapsychology. That other people saw Tesla and were astounded is not evidence of parapsychology. I'm not aware that Tesla himself even believed in it, but even if he did THAT is no evidence of parapsychology. Those "witnesses" describe him as "unique" only because they don't know much about other brilliant scientists. There are a number of people whose brilliance seems magical to even other scientists - Feynman, Gauss, Ramanujan, Mozart, da Vinci.

Tesla was amazingly brilliant. Most people involved in electrical science - even those like myself who are involved only remotely - know that very well. Tesla was kooky and quirky. That doesn't diminish his many accomplishments, but it is an accurate description. His unique way of doing his work is one reason why it took some time for his contemporaries to realize his brilliance. Maybe we still don't know exactly how brilliant he was. And even our ignorance is not evidence of parapsychology.