Hi Claudio,

As long ago as 1775 The French Academy of Sciences issued a proclamation announcing that they would forevermore NOT consider perpetual motion machines of any kind. If the French will not buy into is, neither will I. One may fully expect to see a flying saucer from outer space before one sees a perpetual motion machine.The only thing perpetual about perpetual motion is that it just keeps on coming around.

By the way all the competent, accomplished engineers (i.e., modern inventors) that I know don't just stick things together hoping to come up with something. This approach may provide a certain satisfaction and it might get you a gig with Ron Popiel at Ronco, but is quite unproductive. Unless, of course, you take after Leonardo Da Vinci.

On the up-side your web site has a nice picture that goes round an roun a ro ...

Dr. R.