ROB: a creator can't spring into existence because to be sentient it would need a brain and a complex biological structure which can only be achieved by evolution.

REP: This is an astonishing statement. You have called me Brain-Washed - I have to say on the basis of what you have written above that you display the thought capacity of a child. Just like your question - 'Can God create a rock he cannot lift?' - which you actually seemed to think was meaningful and worthy of serious consideration, you now show that you are completely limited in your ability to think clearly about the issues that surround the debate you want to engage in.

Even if you are not making any admissions about a creator, are you really saying you cannot even conceive on a purely conjectural level that there could be anything that exists outside of physical constraints?

You can say you don't accept that it is the case, and I would respect your thinking.

But to say that a postulated intelligence that could create the universe would need a physical brain and a complex biological structure which can only be achieved by evolution is ridiculous. In fact only someone with God-like knowledge could make that assertion.

This creator would be outside of your universe and all of its rules. To assert that the laws of this universe would have to apply to Him is like saying that the programmers of a Simulation Program would have to be bound by the laws operating within that program.

You seem to be incapable of thinking outside of the box you have created that works on the premise that there is no truth other than that which can be empirically proven. Well you are welcome to your faith, but you should recognise it as such.

You are figuring these things out with a brain that has probably, at best, about 6 terabytes of storage space, so it obviously has its limitations. It doesn't surprise me that the full force of people's reasoning ability leads them to the conclusion that "all we can see is all there is". This is why the creator has to reveal himself, because our reasoning doesn't lead us to Him.