really? show me where i misunderstood you and others did understand you. i believe in reality it was more i disagreed with you. on a couple of points i missed something, but not often and not in many areas. in fact the only one i can recall, i believed you were referring to all lasers, because of the way you wrote that one post, when you were only referring to led lasers.

what have i to teach? how about what a warlock is. you kept insisting it was a male witch, when only christians claim that. you even gave a link, which if you read more than the first line would have told you exactly what a warlock was. you even called me one. in what way did i misinterpret that insult. the only reason that i did not start calling you things similar is that i knew it was from ignorance.
the more man learns, the more he realises, he really does not know anything.