cool re: My point; What is the motivation for conceiving of multiple dimensions? -jjw

Hope I can come close to answering this great question. Basically, and the math is way beyond me, by representing extra dimensions mathmatically, they can model a reality that recreates many of the physical laws and properties of our experience. Already they have concocted several models which claim to explain everything (Grand Unified Theory); but of course if you come up with competing models, then you have to disprove the other and that's where no one can go yet (hard to prove/disprove other dimensions). Usually these models predict other effects or consequences for which they are trying to think of ways to test or detect. It's amazing to see how these models can bring together the 4 forces, particle decay, relativity, space expansion, etc. I think though that Gravity is sometimes not considered a force, but more of an effect of the higher dimensions "leaking through" to our 4-D universe.

Short answer is: extra dimensions help generate unified field theories.
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