Originally posted by DA Morgan:
I think civilized people could do civilization a huge favour and declare fundamentalist thinking, of whatever nature, criminal in nature and lock them up.
Be very careful what you wish for DA. You may be first in line to be locked up. If there was ever a candidate for Scientist Fundamentalist then I would say that you come as close as I have seen - probably even pipping Dawkins at the post.

You have proposed that all Fundamentalist Christians do you a favour and follow in the footsteps of the poor schizophrenic chap by being mauled to death by lions.

Seems pretty intolerant of others to me - and certainly smacks of fundamentalism. Like the Fundies you are utterly convinced of your own inerrancy.

A now you are proposing that we lock up a significant part of the population - not based upon their actions - for the vast majority have committed no crime - but simply because you don't like the way they think. A post-modern inquisition - why don't you go the whole hog and burn them all at the stake? I'm sure Uncle Al would be the first to volunteer to grease them up and light the kindling.