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i don't quite agree...hinduism, an ancient home-grown faith in india (it is not called a 'religion'), has no heretics to cast out, doesnot have- fixed dogmas, one book, one god, doesnot believe in forcing any one to adopt any one school of thought n is open to all faiths...
as you put it, its not considered a religion. faith is on thing. its based purely in spirituality. if you dont believe it, question it, then find the answers. often times that leads back to faith.

religion is based largely in dogma. your suppose to accept what your taught without deviation, no though, no question allowed.

any science tht being done for good of humanity, animal, plants, earth etc is an act of spiritualism..ya frentic patenting by scientists n organizations would not fit the bill...
unfortuantely, not all science is good for the planet or its people. most is, but not all.
the more man learns, the more he realises, he really does not know anything.