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...the reality is that West is sinking into the swamp of godlessness, idolatry and phariseeism, after having been for 2000 years sustained by ideas of Christianity.
1st off you falling under the influence of the history rewriting christian church. the majority of the word has never been christian, save in the minds of those who would rewrite history. even in the american war of independance, the majority were not chrisitan. Washington, Handcock, Jefferson, and many others were deitist, not christian, but the revisionist would have you believe that every american before 1900 was pure christian (at least all the historical good guys). this has never been the reality. While there have been periods where the goverments of many of the nations of the west were christians, and the only relegions that you could publicly claim (without getting burned at the stake for it) was christanity, that does not mean that the entire west has been nothing but christian for 2000 years, not that it was the main push for our civiliation.

secondly, you assuming the "godlessness, idolatry and phariseeism" is any worse now that it has every been. there is little difference now that it was 100 years ago, save in the writings of the christian revisionist.

Science does not show any interest in spirituality beside attempts to make it impossible.ES
actually there are christian scientist, as well as wiccan, muslim, jewish..... infact there are few religions that dont allow science, and in many cases they are finding more and more (for those who believe) that there is something connecting it all. ill leave it to you what you choise to believe that is.
the more man learns, the more he realises, he really does not know anything.