Dogrock Post:

?I entertain or punish myself by thinking about gravity every so often. It's sometimes comes back to the question. What makes things move? Could a person state as a fundamental law "every object moves at the fastest possible speed". It's not answering why, but at least it might pin-point where the mystery is. I know there are complexities but they seem to go round in circles. Any sympathy would be welcome.?

Rep: I will make an offer which is not altogether accepted science.

When I was in my teens and started junior high in public school I had a science class for the first time and became so interested in the areas dealing with the universe and our solar system that I did a lot of self educating for the mere enjoyment of it. Your question ?what makes things move?? was the same for me then and it still is 60 years later. The one universal thing we know about the universe is that everything is in motion, moving. I do not know if the current theory of gravitation answers this question but I think that the answer can be found within the basic application of gravitation in diminishing effects. Let?s start with a galaxy. We have seen that the center of the spiral (globular excluded for now) is also the center of the mass for the galaxy. Quite simply this means that everywhere from the center to the edges the mass diminishes. The almost impossible thought to seriously consider is that the diminishing mass, and the diminishing gravity resulting there from, can be equated to the lessening of a ?substance? that exudes into space much in the way the jets of air on a space capsule give the occupants control. Let me try again. The entire universe has been shown to be in motion, if not by rotation than at least by expansion. This means that all of the contents are moving outward from a hypothetical central point. These objects, galaxies for the most part, are still in communication on the gravitational scale. The outward movements of all inputs a relative drag or push, as each member effects the others. This energy is converted into a rotational force providing for all of the movement we see. As between the galaxy and the contained solar systems the same holds true.

This could be thought of as related to the ?Big Bang? original push. I have not been convinced yet of that fact but the expansion of the universe, if in fact it is expanding as the ?red shift theory? argues, would tend to provides an answer.