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Semen found to induce ovulation

Previously thought to have no physiological effects, the prostatic fluid component of semen contains a protein that can trigger ovulation and other pregnancy-related hormonal responses in female mammals. The discovery, by an international team of scientists led by Gregg Adams at the University of Saskatchewan, raises intriguing questions about fertility in mammals, including humans. The […]

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Precise sexual orientation revealed in pupil dilation study

For the first time, researchers have used a specialized camera to measure pupillary changes in people watching erotic videos, the changes in pupil dilation revealing where the participant is located on the heterosexual-homosexual spectrum. The researchers at Cornell University who developed the technique say it provides an accurate method of gauging the precise sexual orientation […]

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Sperm quality unaffected by lifestyle choices

Medical advice given to sub-fertile men about smoking, alcohol, drugs and obesity is of little value, say UK medicos who contend that many so-called lifestyle “risks” appear to have little or no effect on sperm health. The researchers behind the new findings, from the Universities of Manchester and Sheffield, say that infertility/lifestyle advice should accordingly […]

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Exposure to plastic chemical leads to shorter reproductive life

Mice exposed to high doses of a common plasticizing chemical in utero exhibit significant reproductive alterations and precancerous lesions as they grow up, according to a new toxicology report appearing in the journal Reproductive Toxicology. Phthalates are widely used – in soaps, cosmetics, plastic containers and toys – and exposure to them has previously been […]

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Funding for artificial testicle project will get ball rolling

A joint venture between two US companies to develop an artificial testicle has been awarded funding from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The Turek Clinic, a men’s health medical practice, and MandalMed Inc, a San Francisco-based biotech company, received the grant to construct an artificial human testicle and explore how sperm are made […]

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Unusual physiological changes observed after adolescent sex

Working with adolescent male and mature female hamsters, researchers have found that sex during adolescence can have effects on the body and the chemistry of the brain that last well into adulthood. Researchers Zachary Weil and Randy Nelson, both from Ohio State University’s Department of Neuroscience, say the findings may be applicable to understanding human […]

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Birth control shots linked to memory loss

Depo Provera, the hormonal birth control injection, supposedly offers a convenient alternative for women who don’t want to remember to take the Pill daily. Ironically, however, new research from Arizona State University indicates that the drug may profoundly impair a person’s memory. Arizona State researchers Blair Braden and Heather Bimonte-Nelson have published their findings in […]

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Compelling evidence for autism-antidepressant link

Rodents exposed to a common serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant just before and after birth exhibited brain abnormalities and behaviors – such as novelty avoidance and social impairment – commonly associated with autism. The research suggests that taking antidepressants during pregnancy might be one factor contributing to the dramatic rise in autism spectrum disorders in […]

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